Wireless Notes -- Verizon Cellular and Express Network Coverage Drop List List of Verizon Cellular Mute Issues:

An Updated List of Areas where Verizon Cellular Phone as well as Express Network Services Regularly Drop

This list is intended to provide a consolidated reference to a series of posts, messages, and other observations as to dropped calls and/or forcefully reset 1XRTT/Express Network Connections in predictable areas/roads using Verizon's phone/data service in the US.

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This document pertains to the problem we are having with "muting" issues when using our cellular service in specific areas. By "muting" we mean that at some point during the call, either one person or both experience a period of time where the channel is open but no sound can be heard by either one or both parties on the call. Sound is returned after some time while the call is connected but that time period varies from as short as 10 seconds to as long as 10 or 15 minutes depending on location during the call.

We would like to make it clear that this is not a call drop as at no point does the call disconnect. Again, it just happens that the sound is muted to either one or both callers and then returned at a later time down the road.

Please feel free to submit your drop/reset experiences with Verizon's analog service which meet the above guidelines so that we can provide a more comprehensive list.

Additionally, if you feel that an item is incorrect, please let us know the specifics of your experiences in the given area so we can test it and modify the list accordingly.


Disclaimer/Note: The authors have nothing to do with Verizon other than using a few of their phones and/or data products as paying subscribers. While we will try to keep these lists current, you should test them out for yourself and not use this as a dispositive and authoritative source of information as to Verizon's cellular service (or lack thereof). In other words, these are just our and/or other's observations -- we try to be accurate, but we make no representations other than what we have observed (and if others notice we are wrong about a given drop, please mail us so we can test the drop and modify the list accordingly.)

Verizon Cellular Muted Call List by State


  • Mute occurance using the analog phone at about 9:01 pm on I-91 in Hatfield at Mile Marker 29 while heading south, beginning about 4-5 miles north of Exit 21 and continued all the way to exit 20. This is roughly about four miles north of the Hatfield, MA exit (which is exit 20) to the North Hampton, MA exit. Uplink or downlink drops and the audio stops working but connection is maintained.
  • New Jersey

  • I-295 between Mile Markers 36.5 and 38.5 (other side of Delaware River) a mute problem occurred. Most recent instance occured on 05/31/2005.
  • New York

  • Dutchess County near the JCT of NY-82 and RT-90 (which is Camby Rd) is another mute occurrence. When traveling north or south on NY-82 approaching Camby Rd, the mute issue again crops up. Last occurrence on 08/13/2005 at 9pm. Reported to Verizon on 08/15/2005.
  • Peekshill Hollow: On the Taconic Parkway (00022 SID) between Mile Markers 21-29 at about 6:30 PM at the JCT of the Taconic and NY-301 (Mahopac) and then all the way down through Peekskill Hollow to the JCT of US-6. Three different accounts were used, all of them forced into analog mode and all of them had the same mute problem. The issue persisted from the JCT of US-6 and the Taconic and continued all the way to NY-301. Most recent instance occurred on 04/29/2005, reported to Verizon on 05/02/2005, no resolution yet.
  • Connecticut

  • Danbury: On I-84, the call was received at about 11:06 pm and the muting began. A few other calls were then made to 800-414-9898 (which is now 888-294-1618). The first one worked, but while proceeding eastward past the JCT of US-7 south that exits from I-84 close to Danbury and south towards Norwalk, the call went through but all that could be heard was white noise. The channel would stay open (with good, static-free coverage0) but no audio would come through. Most recent instance occured on 05/24/2005.
  • Trumbull: A mute problem occurs when using the digital phone when the phone drops into analog service. It occurs in a continuum (doesn't matter if you go north-south), but from the north, from JCT of CT-150 and Merritt Parkway (CT-15) all the way southward to Trumbull around CT 8. In that continuum, the roughly 20 mile stretch, the mute problems occur. One could drive the continuum and observe where drops occur and where they don't. The phone almost always mutes out right at the Sikorsky Bridge, which is on the Merritt Parkway. That is primarily where the problems occur. It doesn't happen everywhere in the stretch, but will most likely occur at the Sikorsky Bridge.
  • Trumbull: While driving on the Merritt PKWY towards New Canaan between the Trumbull exit and the intersection with CT-325, the mute issue appears again at Mile Marker 23. This is very close to Wallingford, which is where Verizon's corporate headquarters is located!
  • Wallingford: Merritt PKWY at the JCT of CT-150 (at the southern Wallingford entrance on the Merritt PKWY) the call got outrageously loud and voice became distorted.
  • Redding: Analog mute issue occured on the Merritt PKWY in Connecticut between Mile Markers 27 and 23 (between Redding and Westport).
  • Wallingford: On the analog phone at 1:00 am while driving north on the Merritt PKWY/CT-15, the muting issue occured about a quarter of a mile south of Exit 64 and continued right at that JCT of I-91 (by the Wesleyan University sign).
  • West Hartford: Muting occurred on Farmington Ave.
  • West Hartford: Muting occurs again as you pass the Univ. of Connecticut Law School.
  • West Hartford: Muting issue again occured on I-91 at the JCT of CT-68, the voice signal completely dropped out this time and nothing could be heard.
  • Trumbull: The mute issue again occured while driving north or south on CT-15 (Merritt PKWY) between Trumbull (the JCT of CT-25 and 15 on the Merritt) and Wallingford, which is the junction at CT-150. This problem occured using both our analog and digital phones and this portion of the Merritt PKWY is about 10-15 miles long. Most recent instance occured on 06/13/2004.
  • Trumbull: The mute issue again occured while driving northbound on the Sikorsky bridge (it doesn't work southbound either). The call was initiated in Trumbull at CT-15 and CT-25 at about 8:15pm. We then attempted the call again, but neither person could hear the other. A call was then successfully placed to 611, but we were still unable to hear anything. Another call was made to the weather service (413) and while that call did connect successfully, nothing could be heard. When we proceeded to rest area on the northbound side, we used our digital account and forced it into analog service and the same problem happened again. Most recent instance occured on 06/13/2004.
  • Trumbull: Another mute issue occurs on CT-15 (Merritt PKWY) while travelling north to Boston between Redding and Trumbull beginning from a mile south of Exit 44 to a mile north of Exit 46. Most recent instance occured on 08/26/2005.
  • Wallingford: The mute problem occured again while travelling on I-91 between Exits 14 and 15 at approximately 11pm as an incoming call on the analog phone completely muted out. After passing Exit 15, the voice was restored. About 10 minutes later on the same stretch of road on I-91 (just north of Hartford), both uplink and downlink were completely muted out starting at about a quarter mile beneath Exit 25 continuing to Exit 36. Most recent instance occured on 02/14/2004.
  • Greenwich: On CT-15 between Mile Markers 5 and 8 between North St and River Bank Rd. The channel would remain open but the party on the other end could not hear what was being said. The audio path went down, but the uplink stayed open.
  • West Hartford: Muting occurred on Farmington Ave as you proceed through West Hartford and happens again as you pass the Univ. of Connecticut Law School.
  • Maryland

  • A mute issue occurs in Maryland while traveling Southbound on I-95 between Mile Markers 97 and 93 and does not really improve until arriving at the Havre de Grace Bridge. Most recent instance occurred 06/12/2005 and was reported to Verizon on 06/14/2005. No disposition yet.

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